Free animated grass shader for architecture in the Unreal Engine

When you have a project that has a focus on showing the external view of a building, a particular type of asset may give you the advantage of saving time. Having a good amount of vegetation and tools to create grass is extremely important.

Do you want to download some resources for the Unreal Engine that could help with architectural visualization?

A developer called Andrew Hurley made an incredible shader for the Unreal Engine with an animated grass surface. You will be able to get the grass to move in reaction to the wind. For projects dealing with animation and video, such effect could increase the level of realism.

To download the shader, you have to visit this thread at the Epic Games user forums. The author made a direct link to the file from his personal Google Drive folder. That means you should make the download as fast as possible, because it may go offline at any moment.

You can either use the project file to start a new visualization project in Unreal or get the shader to another project.

Rending animations for architecture in Unreal is quite fast. Since it is a real-time engine all images for the animation will come from “screenshots” of the scene. Because of that, you will get animations for architecture in a matter of minutes.

In the not so distant future, you will also be able to get this speed in Blender using Eevee.

Do you want to get started with Unreal for architecture? Take a look at our course of architectural visualization with Blender and Unreal.

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