12 Free Wicker PBR textures for furniture models

From all the existing online libraries offering free PBR materials in the public domain, I prefer Ambient CG. The reason to pick Ambient CG is simple and unlike many libraries that rarely get new textures or resources, we keep getting the latest updates often. Whenever that happens, I share those textures here for you to update any existing libraries.

In a recent update, they got 12 new PBR textures available in their library. All textures show Wicker surfaces.

Why would you want that type of texture? A typical model that could use this type of texture is a furniture piece. Some chairs and sofas could use this type of material, especially if their purpose is to stay in an exterior location like a garden or pool deck.

Since all textures are in PBR format, you can easily use them in Blender. You can download those textures in resolutions up to 8K in size, and a PBR texture in 8K has about 900MB in size.

Here are some of the latest updates posted that you might also find useful:

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