18 Free Roof Textures with Displacement Maps

A smart approach to creating complex surfaces like roofs is through the use of textures. This allows you to focus on creating a basic shape and adding fine details with displacement maps. In architectural rendering, utilizing textures wherever possible is key for saving time and streamlining production. The challenge often lies in finding textures that offer the right balance of shading and features.

For those seeking a collection of PBR textures specifically for roof surfaces, Ambient CG's latest update is worth exploring. They've released a pack containing 18 such textures.

Utilizing textures from Ambient CG can significantly enhance your renderings without any additional cost. All their resources are public-domain, offering not only a permissive license but also:

  • PBR textures with a variety of maps
  • Included displacement maps
  • Support for USDZ format

A recent update in Blender has introduced support for USDZ files. When you download a texture from Ambient CG, you can simply rename the file extension from .ZIP to .USDZ and import the entire pack into Blender with just a single click!

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