Free brick PBR texture for Blender

For exterior visualization projects, we usually need a specific set of materials, textures, and visualization, and among those surfaces, we have bricks as a prevalent texture. Unless your design uses wood for the structure, you may have bricks somewhere in the project.

Since it is a popular type of material for architecture, I’m always looking for new variants of brick textures. Do you want to download a free brick PBR texture? Here is an offer from digital artist Nicolai Becker, which is a bright yellowish brick set.

How to download it? To get this texture, you must visit the artist’s website and look for the Brick PBR material, and there we have a link to download the asset. The only requirement to download the file is to provide an email address. You will receive an email receipt, but the download starts right after you submit the form.

Should you download this PBR texture? Sure, it is a free resource and might become helpful in the future, even with a wide variety of brick textures available in online libraries like ambientCG and CGBookcase. They might have a different type of brick in their library, but not exactly this one.

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