Free architectural templates in SVG for FreeCAD (Arch D)

One of the advantages of using a tool that works with BIM design is the ability to generate all technical drawings from 3D models. You can save a lot of time when developing any project. After working on the modeling and exporting the design in 2D, you need a template to add all your drawings.

Even with some ready-to-use templates, you might only find some of your paper formats in tools like FreeCAD. For that reason, it is always a great idea to look for additional templates.

Do you want to download some architectural templates in SVG for FreeCAD? In the FreeCAD forums, I found a few SVG files with templates for paper sizes like ARCH D and E1, which are standard formats for architectural drawings in the US. The templates are a creation by an artist called Freakcad_User and are available as a free download.

Where can we use this template? In FreeCAD, we can add those templates to the TechDraw workbench. A workbench in FreeCAD works as if it was a work mode in Blender. For instance, in Blender, we have Object and Edit Mode, among others. FreeCAD has many different workbenches that gather unique tools for a particular drawing or task.

To create technical drawings, we usually go with the TechDraw, and there you can finish and edit technical drawings.

Can we make changes to the template? We can open the SVG file in Inkscape to change the SVG template.

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