Sun position addon for architectural visualization with Blender

Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

The sun position is really important for architecture, and all projects should take in consideration how it interacts with the sunlight along the seasons to balance temperature variations. And since this is quite important, sometimes a visualization project may require the production of an animation showing how the sunlight interacts with the project. How to do that in Blender? Well, for architectural visualization artists there is an Add-on that will be incredible useful for this type of animation. The Add-on is called “Sun Position” and it can be downloaded directly from this link.

If you thought that this Add-on would help you out only with animations, I`m glad to say that you are wrong! It is good for still images, and has some great features like the ability to setup HDR maps to render with Cycles.


To know how more about the Add-on, just visit the link provided and there you will find a detailed documentation about the Sun Position Add-on.

Architectural glass shader


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