SketchUp 8 available to download

The workflow of an architectural visualization project often involves the use of several types of files, coming from softwares like AutoCAD and SketchUp. In the past months I `m starting to receive more and more projects created with SketchUp. Since SketchUp is an easy tool to create volumetric models, most architects or small companies without a strong background on 3d visualization, find in SketchUp an interesting development tool. For those of you that uses SketchUp to work, you will be glad to know that today SketchUp was updated to version 8. Yes, now we can download a brand new SketchUp 8 full of bug fixes and new tools.

If you want to check out some of the new tools, the video below was produced by Google and shows some of the new features:

One of the best tools for architectural visualization artists is, of course, the use of solids for modeling. In other scenarios or projects the use of solids with Boolean like operations wouldn`t be recommended. But, for simple models and fast visualization it might be handy. This feature is only available for SketchUp 8 Pro.

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