Modeling a bathroom in Blender 2.5

Here is another interesting tutorial I found this weekend about Blender for architecture. This time the objective of the tutorial is to create a bathroom in Blender, and for that the author uses the traditional polygon modeling approach in Blender. The tutorial is only about modeling, and even showing an image of the final result for this project, the videos doesn`t go into the setup of materials and other properties for rendering. If you are looking for material to improve your skills on rendering, those videos might help you.

Here is the first video, which has some kind of problem with the audio, and sometimes I couldn`t understand much of what the author describes on the video.

But, in the second video the audio is working just fine!

Blender 3D Architect Pro


  • jetsonjoe

    Great site…except one minor huge thing….the ommission of Modo by Luxology…as an additional first rate software for architecture modeling…
    Go take a look…and view the picture galleries of exterior and interiors…these are all contributions from members and users. Thanks

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