Review of V-Ray RT by an architectural visualization artist

It`s not often that we can see an article about architectural visualization on 3d computer graphics magazines, but every once in a while they appear. Just like in the last version of the free online magazine RenderOut! (Spanish only), with a great article about the creation of a photo real building with 3ds Max. In the last number of 3d World, we will find a review made by Gustavo Capote who is the manager of Neoscape in UK. This is a big architectural visualization studio, and he gave his thoughts about V-Ray RT (CPU version) and real time rendering technologies for architectural visualization.

The guys of Chaos Group have just posted a link on their twitter, with a rough scan of the two pages of the magazine. If you want to check out the article about V-Ray RT for architectural visualization visit this link.

damn, vray rt doesn't seem to work over rdc

His impressions about the tool are not different from what we can find on forums an other communities related with computer graphics. The tool is indeed very cool and can give the artist a lot of freedom, with fast feedback on updates made to the scene.

Of course that he pointed out a few downsides about the tool:

  • Not supporting V-Ray Meshes
  • You need a V-Ray license in order to use the RT version
  • This is a tool aimed only for studio and production environments

Read out the full article to find out more.

I was talking with a few friends of mine that also work with architectural visualization, and they asked me if V-Ray RT can do the same thing that Blender 3D does with the Game Engine. I my opinion, this is one of the biggest downsides of the tool. With the Blender Game Engine we can create interactive applications that can be even delivered to the clients in a CD, DVD or Flash drive. Since it`s open source we can distribute the application with no restrictions.

To make a presentation of an project using this version of V-Ray RT, the client actually must go to the studio and see everything while the artist change the 3d model in 3ds Max, or take a notebook to a presentation. I can`t deny that V-Ray RT is a cool tool for planning, but I still prefer the ability to create real time presentations and interactive walkthroughs with Blender 3D.

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