Blender internal render or SmallLuxGPU?

What is the fastest way to render an image with Blender? I mean, which one is the render of choice if you want maximum speed during rendering? Well, if you said Blender Internal Render you are right! And to prove that, I found an interesting video that compare the performance of the Blender internal render with SmallLuxGPU. I don`t think that this type of comparison is fair, due to the fact that both render engines use a very different process to generate images. Anyway, if you want to take a look on the comparison between both renderers, check out the video below to watch how the same scene is generated by both methods. The hardware used for the test is described on the details section of the video on youtube.

In my case, I use Blender internal render for animation projects and for stills I often use either YafaRay or LuxRender.

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  • rudl

    I also think that the comparison is really unfair. Especially the conclusion that blender internal is faster.

    -The image quality is not comparable. SmalluxGPU is unbiased path tracing (global illumination) and blender is just very biased raytracing.
    -A gtx460 or hd6850 would be much faster than a slow HD4650
    -Just two scenes? That’s not much for a comparison. I bet my gtx 460 would render the second scene in a view minutes, or seconds.
    -SmallluxGpus strength are outdoor scenes. Thats in the nature of a path tracer.

  • Archiform 3D

    What is your opinion of YafaRay and animations? Is it feasible?

  • Alain

    This comparison says nothing about the quality and renderspeed for architecture renderings.

    I recommend to compare an evermotion interior scene.
    Maybe you should think about octanerender too 😉

    Kind regards

  • electrodacus

    I made the comparison and is true that is not fair since my video card is about 10x less powerful then a high end gaming card but even then for video the blender internal will look better since it will have no noise.
    With SmallLuxGPU you will never finis rendering you just need to get a good compromise between time and image quality.
    Also in video you notice the noise much easier since is random in every frame.
    There are things that can not be done in render internal as caustics that reduce the realism of the render but at this moment the beta SmallLuxGPU also have a lot of limitation.
    Using the GPU to help with the calculation is a great idea and hope that SmallLuxGPU will improve.

  • rudl

    yes the limitations are true, but it’s progressing and i can live with that.
    my gtx460 it’s not expensive just 150€ renders the audi r8 from the luxrender benchmark just in a few seconds, noise free in a minute. I bet blender internal can’t do this.
    With blender internal it would also look like crap compared to a path tracer

    As said it heavily depends on the scene. And every renderer with GI has the noise problem! well of course that is not that good for an animation, but for a architectural visualisation it doesn’t really matter.

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