Free render farm for Blender 3D Architect students

This week we began to offer our first training from Blender 3D Architect, and I`m really satisfied with the support of everyone that already enrolled to the course. And to make the experience of learning architectural visualization even more pleasant I have some great news! I just made a deal with a render farm dedicated to Blender, and all students of Blender 3D Architect will get a 3 month unlimited render time from Lion Render. You didn't read that wrong! It will be unlimited render from a powerful, and Blender only, structure aimed to produce the best results no matter how complex is your scene.


How does that work? First, you have to purchase any course, and after that you will receive an e-mail with the instructions to get access to the render farm. The only thing you must have in mind, is that during the 3 month period after the purchase, you cannot cancel the course. If you do that all access related to the render farm will be also cancelled.

This unlimited render time means that you won't need credit to render your scenes, you can start a render job without the need to purchase credits.

Interested? I know, it is a pretty good deal! Go check out all trainings available in Blender 3D Architect and grant your access to Lion Render.

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