Bedroom interior with Blender Eevee

The upcoming release of Blender 2.80 will bring a great set of new tools and options for artists in architectural visualization, and one of the highlights is Eevee. For a long period, we had only the option to use Cycles as the default renderer for Blender and Eevee will offer some great workflow and performance changes.

Using Eevee will enable artists to have a robust and modern real-time renderer inside Blender. How good is Eevee? At first, you may think that Eevee doesn't have the capabilities as Cycles, but that will depend on the artist.

Here is an excellent example of what you can do with Eevee. An artist called easydream shared at the BlenderArtists forums an impressive set of images from a Bedroom interior.

Bedroom interior with Blender Eevee

The visuals and overall quality of all renders are impressive, and according to the author, all images came from Eevee. But, the most shocking detail about the project is the render times.

Each image took about 7 seconds to render. That is not a typo, and it is 7 seconds. If you use Cycles for your projects that will be the most significant and welcome change.

Visit the forum thread to see all other images from this project.

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