Free tool to calculate expenses for freelance artists

Besides all the technical details that we must deal in order to create images for architectural visualization using softwares like Blender, there is another entire set of problems that must be addressed to turn those images into a business. The technical aspects of the job are somehow easier to understand, with a book and a bit of practice we can start to create 3d models. But, to make it a business and make a living out of architectural visualization, we have to learn how to set the cost of a project. The question here is: how do you set the price for your projects?

If you are a freelance artist and don`t have an easy way to set the cost for your visualization projects, I just found a tool that might help on the process. The FEAT (Freelancer’s Estimation Assistance Tool) is a free tool created using Adobe AIR to aid in the process of calculating expenses and set a profit margin for your work.


This is only part of the process to transform architectural visualization into a business, but may be a key factor to keep a sustainable business model. How about you? How do you manage to calculate the cost of your projects?

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