White interior and light settings for Blender

Even with all the news and benefits of using Eevee for architectural renders in Blender, you should still consider getting projects rendered with Cycles. The main reason is the incredible level of realism you can achieve. There is no doubt about what you can do with Eevee, but Cycles is still the best solution for realism.

Do you want to see another example of what you can do with Cycles? Here is a project from artist Rio Suryonugroho called White Interior. It shows some incredible lights and realism with Cycles.

The project shows an interior scene with a small space from a residence. According to the artist, that was part of a personal project. He used Cycles with 1000 samples to get all renders.

Is there anything special about the project? Yes! Unlike many projects that only display a partial description of settings, you will find an incredible list of all lights and parameters for this particular render.

As you can see from the renders, there no “primary” light source generating strong shadows in the scene. That is because the artists use mostly Area Lamps and environment lights.

Don't miss this opportunity to get an insight into how to light interiors using Blender Cycles. What about Eevee? One of the best benefits of using Eevee is that everything will work with minor adjustments using Cycles settings.

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