Using IES lights with Blender Cycles

Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

Here is some great news for anyone using Blender Cycles to render architectural visualization! A new Addon posted at the Blenderartists forums allow us to use IES profiles with Cycles. Yes, with this new Addon you can use photometric lights to render your scenes in Cycles. For those of you that doesn’t know what an IES profile is, well it is a way to use real physical data for light sources, which will make your artificial light setup really close to the real result. You will find the download link at the thread along with some descriptions and development updates for the Addon.

Blender cycles IES Addon

Architectural glass shader


  • Michal

    Wow thx. That will help me in some scenes 😉

  • f


  • Joel Godin

    Funny, I remember Brecht saying IES was not planned for Cycles, and bam, here it is. This is awesome.

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