Blender used to create urban scenarios and backgrounds for comic book

Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

Here in Blender 3D Architect I`m always trying to show examples and technics related to the use of Blender for architectural visualization. When you think of architectural visualization you probably will imagine projects made in architectural firms, or aimed to design big and expansive office spaces. What if I told you that architectural visualization is much more than just that? One of the fields where architectural visualization artists can find lots of opportunities is in set design for movies, animations and more.

Here is an incredible example of architectural visualization used to create urban scenarios and sets for a Chinese comic book posted at the Blenderartists forums. The artist that posted the images is called congcong009 and at the thread you will find several images and a rich description of how his team manage to create this incredible sets.



If you are a fan of oriental style animation and comic books, you will enjoy this project. And to realize that everything was created in Blender (Blender internal and Cycles), with a bit of postproduction is also interesting. This could easily be used as a NPR architectural visualization presentation, and a really good one.

Architectural glass shader


  • mohammad ali

    Oh. This is great work. Please break down how to make it .

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