Isometric rendering with Blender Cycles for architecture

In the past architectural visualization was a realm of artists working with watercolor, paint and large sets of tools. To get a perspective of anything on paper you would probably have to draw by having your vanishing points, set the lines and start building the image. Another popular technique was the isometric view of a project.

Nowadays you will find isometric perspectives in medians like games, but not that often at architectural visualization. But, that kind of view still has lots of advantages. They offer a view of the project with no distortions and will provide an accurate picture of the space in scale.

Do you want to see a great example of isometric views of a project in Blender? That is what an artist called joseolmedo posted at the BlenderArtists user forums. It is a visualization for a kitchen that uses Cycles to create a realistic scenario.

The result is impressive and shows a different and unique application of Blender capabilities to produce artwork for architecture.

As a bonus to an incredible collection of render, you will also find at the article some of the settings used by the artist to get those results. To apply some of the concepts in your projects, you will need a basic understand net of Cycles and Blender.

Just go there and visit the thread to learn more about the project and how to artist manage to get that exact look.

Besides being an accurate view of the project, you will also find that an isometric view of the project is a great way to present a floor plan layout in a single image. Instead of getting a top view image from a floor plan, you can get a broad isometric view with a low cut on walls. Your customers will get a clear view of the layout in just one image.

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