How to use 2d cutout images of trees and people in Blender 2.5

The use of cutout images to represent trees and people in architectural visualization is quite common, and is by far the best way to add vegetation and people to a project. If you keep track of the articles and tutorials of the blog, you may remember that in the past I have already posted a way to use cutout images in Blender. But, back there we still used Blender 2.4x. How it works now, with Blender 2.5? Well, it didn`t change much.

If you want to watch a great tutorial that shows exactly how to use 2d cutout images in Blender 2.5, just check the tutorial below.

T&T Blender for Architecture n°3 : Texture planes for trees and people from Viralata on Vimeo.

And to download some free 2d cutout images of trees, visit this article.

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  • Cedal

    I’ve never seen a tree coming out a concrete floor, but that doesn’t matter 😛
    Nice turotial. Good for beginners at architecture (like me)

  • kropped

    Great tutorial for beginners, it includes alot of very useful tips and tricks that I had to pick up over time, I wish I’d seen this tutorial.

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