Vega Island visitor center project with Blender Cycles

The vast majority of projects that we post here in Blender 3D Architect are about residential visualizations because that represents a large part of our market. If you are a freelance artist, you will get dozens of residential visualizations before anything different appears.

That was the case for Blender artist Adam Radziszewski, which worked with Ekberg Lous Arkitekter AS on a beautiful project in Norway.

What was the main subject of this project? They manage to win an international competition to create a World Heritage Visitor Centre in Vega Island, Norway.

All images used to visualize the project came from Blender using a full CGI approach.

You will find a great set of images in the BlenderArtists thread about the project displaying several light conditions. They have a daylight scenario and other weather conditions, even an aurora background.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about render times or hardware.

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