Studio Apartment with artificial lights in Cycles

The vast majority of projects that you will find in architectural visualization uses a daylight simulation. Even in educational materials and tutorials, people tend to show how to simulate bright sunlight entering the room and doesn’t mention the use of artificial lights.

When you take a look at Blender artists creating architectural visualization, that is no different.

But, with recent developments in Blender 2.8 like the native support for IES lights, it will probably give artists more options to simulate artificial lights.

Do you want to see an example of a great visualization rendered in Cycles that uses artificial lights? Here is a project from Indonesian artist Giri Dwi Cahya called Studio Apartment.

The artist didn’t share many details about how those lights work in the scene, but the results look great.

He points out that Cycles is the renderer and for that particular scene a total of 1500 samples to get the final result.

You can check additional images at the BlenderArtists thread or go to the artists Behance page.

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