Modern interior panoramas

One of the projects that appeared in Blender 3D Architect was a modern interior shot, created by an artist called matelek. If you remember the article I couldn't share much information about it because there weren't any available.

After a few days of speculation, the author finally posted some information! And my suspicions were correct, all rendered in Octane. Besides posting about the software, we also have the hardware used a GeForce GTX 780ti x2 and a Quadro k4000. No information about render time or anything else, unfortunately.

But, to make this project a little more interesting for architectural visualization matelek shared panoramas from the scene. If you have a VR headset, you can view the project in all his 360 glory. The panorama is in a high resolution (8000 x 2000 pixels).


The author mentions Oculus on the post, but you can also try the panorama in Cardboard if you have a player. For those of you not familiar with those players, I suggest Kolor Eyes to view the project. The app is available on most platforms.

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