WakYak: Architectural animation made with Blender and Octane Render

The life of an architectural visualization artist is not made only by tutorials and technical stuff. Sometimes it is good to take a look on other artists work as a way to benchmark our own projects. And here is a nice example of animation created for architecture, using Blender and rendered with Octane Render. The author of this video is called Erik Jansson and he is a visualization artist from Sweden.

If you like rigid bodies like animations, then this video is for you! Don`t get it? Watch the video until the end.

More info about the artist and the project can be found here (text in Swedish).

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  • joaclint


  • noiseandpixel

    great video ! i ll try octane rrenderer !)
    i am happy to the power of blender in action !

  • HMK

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