Animation for architecture with Blender and Octane

An animation for architecture may take a long time to render and for artists that don't use top of the line hardware, an animation may be a deal breaker for a low budget project. Have you ever produced an animation for architecture? It is mainly a camera animation and will not require a complicated setup and “screenplay”. Just a quick storyboard to get the sequence of all scenes and you get yourself an animation for architecture.

Here is an example of a beautiful animation for architecture made with Blender and Octane Render, and shared by a Greek artist called Stelios20.

Notice that a smooth camera movement is a secret to allowing anyone watching an animation like this to understand the project fully.

What about specifications and hardware used? At the Octane Render user forums, the artist was kind enough to share some information about the production. First of all, to render an animation like this, a total of 3 GPU were responsible for the render. The best part, for artists using or planning to use Octane Render for architecture, is that all settings for the render are available at the post. But, even if you don't use Octane Render a project like this is a good inspiration to get started on your own animation for architecture.

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