Interior light for architecture in Blender: Apartment render

What is your preferred light setup for Blender Cycles? For architectural visualization, and mostly for interior views, a common strategy to place lights is to make use of an HDR map for the environment and mix that with big light sources like planes with an emitter material. Of course, you have to find the right settings for everything, but it is a nice starting point on interior light for architecture in Blender.

For those of you that never tried this setup, I found a project shared by an artist called Bhaalspawn at the Blenderartists user forums. At this project, we can take a look at how he artist chooses to light an interior scene. Besides being a beautiful example of interior architectural visualization made with Blender, what makes this project interesting for people willing to learn interior lighting is that all settings related to the placement of lights and HDR nodes are available.


If you find yourself trying to get the right interior light for architecture in Blender, I recommend you to take a few minutes and read the description of the project. The best to way to make use of this kind of information is to understand how he manage to get that results from all those lights, and not only copy the settings.

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