How to choose wood for interiors in architecture

A common type of material for surfaces like a floor in architecture is wood. That is most likely the first texture you pick for an interior visualization project. But, what are your criteria to choose a particular type of wood?

Some people will use a combination of color, patterns, and availability.

What if you want to use the precise specification for your project? For instance, you may get a texture for a specific type of wood that works excellent in cabinetry but won’t go in floors.

If you don’t know much about wood types, I found a great chart that might give some insights about types of wood. The guys from Alan’s Factory Outlet put together a list of wood types by hardness.

One of the highlights of the list is the classification of uses for each type of wood. Look at the small icons showing the purposes of each wood type.

Will I find PBR textures for each of those textures? No! It is only a classification of wood types by hardness.

Those wood types are not universal, and you will probably have to replace some of them for native species in your region. But, it is a great starting point to research material for interior visualization projects.

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