Topologise Add-on for quick building generation with Blender

A couple of days ago, we posted an article about an impressive collection of tools under development by Bruno Postle, which shows an impressive demo of the Urb framework to create a full building in 10 minutes with Blender. The process required only a polygon model with faces for the script to insert doors, windows, and a lot more architectural details.

Did you like that Demo? If you did, here is another demonstration of the Urb framework in action with the Topologise Add-on for Blender. In the video, you can check again how the workflow to make a full building incredibly fast.

To make things even more interesting from an architectural development point of view, the model output is in BIM format. Notice on the Outliner how it uses the IFC structure to make all the parts use IFC compatible geometry.

According to the developer, it is still unfinished and requires a lot of work. Still, the demo itself shows some amazing possibilities for Blender to become even more part of an architectural design workflow.

How to get that Add-on? It is part of the Urb framework, and you can get it from this link. It is free and open-source.

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