List of Add-ons for architectural visualization with Blender

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The Blender core tools offer a wide range of options to create 3d models for architecture and render them in Cycles. But, if you want to go further or speed up your modeling, an Add-on might give you the tools you need to decrease production time.

Add-ons in Blender works like a plugin, where you add new tools and functions by installing a small script. Some of those scripts may even come with Blender; you just have enabled it to start using the tools.

What are the scripts that you should start using with Blender for architectural visualization? We made a list that features some of the tools you should consider using.

Add-ons for architectural visualization

  • Archimesh: A great collection of tools for architectural modeling in Blender that will enable you to create doors, windows and more. Included with Blender.
  • Archipack: Along with Archimesh you will find here a robust set of tools to create not only windows and doors but also walls with parametric controls. Included with Blender.
  • TinyCAD: Have you ever wished that Blender had CAD-like tools for modeling like trim or extend tools? When you enable this powerful Add-on, you will see those options in the Specials Menu (W key in Edit Mode). If you want to do modeling from scratch in Blender, that is an Add-on that will save you a lot of time. Included with Blender.
  • MeasureIt: Do you want to create 3d models that will help you develop an architectural project? Using the MeasureIt Add-on, you can add dimension lines to multiple objects and dimensions with a single click. And also render that to an image. Included with Blender.
  • SKP Importer/Exporter: SketchUp is a software that is popular among architectural offices and having the ability to import SKP files will help you a lot in some cases. If you receive a 3d model that needs further development or just a “special” treatment in Cycles, you can import that to Blender using this Add-on.
  • Camera calibration: When you need to render a scene to match with a photo, using this Add-on you help you to align the Blender camera to any image.
  • Grass Free: In exterior visualization projects where you have to use grass, having a plugin like Grass Free is essential. It will create large grass surfaces for you with just few mouse clicks. Here is a guide about how to create grass for architecture using the Add-on.
  • Exact Edit: A great set of tools that will enable you to either fix or set dimensions for architectural elements, by typing the values you want. We made a quick guide about how to use it for precision modeling.

With time we will update the list to include more Add-ons, but the options in the list will already boost your productivity in Blender.

If you want to learn about how they work, we included a lot of them in our course about architectural modeling with Blender.

Did we miss any Add-on? Feel free to share in the comments any other Add-ons you think should be on the list.

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