Blender CAD tools: Cutting walls and intersections

Whenever we have the opportunity to show Blender to a group of architects or artists looking to start using it for modeling, we have a lot of questions regarding precision modeling tools. Usually, we demonstrate how Blender works with a couple of examples. But, people get even more interested when it is time to enable some of the useful add-ons available with Blender for modeling.

One of those add-ons that we think is a must-have is the TinyCAD. We often talk about TinyCAD here in Blender 3D Architect, because it can expand Blender modeling capabilities to get closer to a CAD tool.

The first good aspect of TinyCAD is that it already comes as a bundled add-on for Blender. However, you must enable it to use before anything. Go to the Add-ons tab at the Edit → Preferences menu and type either mesh or tiny at the search box.

Enable the add-on and close the user preferences.

Now, every time you open your context menu at Edit Mode, you see the new group at the top called TinyCAD with all options.

How to use the TinyCAD for modeling? A simple example of how it can act as a CAD tool is with the XALL option, which intersects all selected edges and breaks them. If you are modeling walls and have intersected shapes like the one shown in the image below:

You can easily cut and separate each one of the edges as individual entities. That can save a lot of time in architectural modeling. Here is an animation showing how easy it is to break those edges with the XALL option:

A few notes about the process:

  • You must be in Edit Mode
  • All edges must be coplanar
  • The XALL only changes/edit selected edges

With the TinyCAD add-on, you can save a couple of hours of editing time related to modeling in architecture.

Using Blender for architecture

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  • taholmes160

    HI Alan — this is a great tip — Id love to see more indepth on what Tiny cad can do

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