Blender 2.50: Script adds stereo camera for architectural visualization

In a time with lots of videos and animations using stereo techniques to produce 3d content, it wouldn’t be bad to think that someday we will have to produce 3d videos for architectural visualization. The perception of interior visualization would be even improved due to the improved depth perception on the video. In Blender 2.49 we have the ability to use stereoscopic techniques in the game engine, but there isn’t a default tool to create animations. To overcome that an artist called Sebastian Schneider developed a script that creates a stereo camera for Blender. It works pretty well in 2.49, and now he is in the process of upgrading the script for 2.50.


In this link you will find the script and a quick video tutorial showing how to use it.

The script is already working on Blender 2.50 alpha 2 and can generate a dual camera system to render a slightly different image for each eye. In the post production stage, which could be in Blender itself, we can blend the two images and generate a 3d anaglyph video.

As a downside for the tool is that we don’t have the same amount of options to control the camera in Blender 2.50 yet, but with time the script will be fully ported to 2.50.

How about you? Do you think that we may have to worry about 3d videos for architectural visualization? In my opinion, only by the time we don’t need the special glasses to enjoy 3d video.

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  • Tim Spriggs

    It would be really cool to do all kinds of 3D viewing from blender… architectural being just one such example! Very cool and I’d love to know if it works in the eventual Blender 2.5x release. 🙂

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