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When the scope of a visualization Project changes from the building to the creation of something smaller like furniture, we have to change the skill set of modeling tools. One of the modeling techniques I like the most is edge modeling for furniture, because it gives me freedom of choose several types of topology and dedicate more attention to the edges of the model. The so called hard surface modeling techniques are especially important to give the borders of the objects, the required level of smoothness and realism for furniture objects.

For interior visualization projects that require custom made furniture, I strongly recommend you to try the hard surface modeling techniques. If you never had the chance to work with those techniques, I just found a great video tutorial about how to work with this type of modeling. The video has a length of about 90 minutes and how in detail a lot of important tips to create smooth edges for 3d models. The material is hosted at Vimeo and can be watched below. If you have a Vimeo account, the source of the video can be download as well, which can be better to watch it offline.

Grant Warwick- Hard Surface Essentials from Grant Warwick on Vimeo.

The software used for the tutorial is 3ds Max, but it doesn`t mean that Blender users won`t be able to use the techniques and tools to create 3d models. In fact, almost all tools used are universally available in almost all 3d packages. For instance, the tools and methods used to add and manipulate edge loops.

The video is not aimed to architectural visualization or even furniture modeling, but almost all the content and techniques can be used in architectural modeling projects. Even if you don`t need this type of modeling technique for furniture modeling, it will be quite useful for several and common modeling tasks like opening holes in a plane, without deform the topology of the model.

If you think that all you need is a Subsurf Modifier to give your 3d models all the smoothness, those videos will probably make you change your mind about that.

Architectural glass shader


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    Could someone tell me what “hard surface” modeling is? Sorry for the bother.

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