Add-on for architectural modeling in Blender: Edge Tools

The use of Add-ons with Blender is a powerful way to improve even more the already nice tools for 3d modeling available with Blender. But, there are some of those add-ons that I do consider a must have for anyone working with architectural modeling. For instance, one of my favorite add-ons is the Edge Tools. This little add-on will add to your Blender some CAD like tools that resembles the TRIM command. And just like the name of the add-on already states, it is aimed to work with edges.

The Edge Tools add-on is used to break edges on three types of intersections between edges:

  • X intersection
  • V intersection
  • T intersection

With the result of the intersection you will have separated edges that can be used to generate other objects with a simple extrude.

Unfortunately with each Blender update we have to test or beloved Add-ons to check if they are still working properly. In most cased they still work and it is not different with the Edge Tools! It works great with Blender 2.66a.

Do you want to see it in action? Here is a small demo I did this morning with the use of Edge Tools to edit some edges that will be used to build walls.

If you want to download edge tools, just visit this link. And the full description of the Add-on at the blenderartists forums can found here.

With time, I will post some other must have add-ons for architectural visualization artists here, and test them with the latest Blender release.

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  • T.E. Mencer

    Nice – took me a little while to realize what was going on. But i can see how it would really aid in architectural designs. Nicely done.

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