Villa Butterfly with Blender Cycles

After getting your first commissioned projects in architectural visualization, you will probably notice something about this field. Regardless of your market and region, most clients always give you tight deadlines. A project with one week or more for delivery is most likely a “long-term” design and gives you a lot of room to work. In […]

Galerie Vivienne with Blender Cycles

As I often mention in many articles, the best way to further develop your skills in rendering and visualization is with practice. Pick a location or scene and try to recreate that in Blender. From the many challenges of that exercise, you will start to find ways to improve your workflow in areas such as […]

Building generator with Geometry Nodes (Free Add-on)

One of the best new features of Blender 2.92 was the inclusion of Geometry Nodes, which gives us the ability to create 3D models using a full-procedural workflow. You can make all kinds of objects and assets to use in multiple projects. Some artists take this procedural generation to the next level with complex setups […]

Free decorative book set for interiors

Besides collecting furniture pieces to compose with interiors, you should also look for assorted assets that could help filling spaces. For instance, it is a perfect location to place books if you have shelves in a bedroom or home office space. To help you with that type of scene, it is essential to have such […]

Last week in Blender 3D Architect 2021: Week 25

If you missed any of our articles from last week in Blender 3D Architect, you now have the chance to view a summary of all the content we posted. Among the materials, you will always find content related to architecture, furniture models, and news about Blender. Here is a list of articles from last week: […]

Blender interior timelapse (Downloadable assets)

Animation is an excellent way of enhancing the marketing campaign of a project or design because it gives a better sense of awareness of the overall space. You can mode the camera and even add special effects that would be hard to demonstrate with a still image. For instance, it is possible to show changes […]

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