Art Mesh: Free tool to convert triangles to quads

The topology of a 3d model can become a problem when we deal with animations and non-regular models made of triangles and lots of n-gons. If you have a 3d model like that, its mostly certain that any kind of deformation will generate artifacts. In architecture its not common to have this kind of problem because our models usually have an easy to manage topology. But, in some cases you may face topology problems in models like furniture.

When we import models from external libraries sometimes they are made of triangular faces, and will require some retopology work in order to facilitate changes, in case you have to change details on the model.

If you have ever faced this kind of problem, I found an interesting tool called Art Mesh that promise to convert models based on triangles to quads. And the software is free!


Unfortunately all binaries are only for Windows.

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