Modeling baroque style furniture with Blender

When was the last time anyone asks you to create baroque style furniture for a project? Nobody ever asked me to place baroque style furniture on a project, but it would be nice to have some reference to start. I just found an interesting tutorial created by an artist called Eugenio Pignataro aka Oscurart, showing how to model the leg of a baroque style table.

The tutorial is in timelapse format, and this is the first video:

To watch the rest of the video, visit this link to the artist blog. It is sad to know that this video was part of a project, which was never paid to the artist.

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  • 1D_Inc

    Yeah, powerful timelapses!
    I didn’t found any other video for Blender about baroque modelling =)
    They are too fast, it is rather hard to study the process by them, but there are other tutorials, that are also suitable for Blender.
    For example this – a little bit Russian, but that’s okay 🙂

  • reidh

    Is/are there any tutorials in regular motion about this exact subject ?

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