Modeling trees and vegetation with Blender for architecture

If you ever had to model a tree in Blender to use in exterior views of an architectural project, you will be glad to know that there is an addon called Sapling that can make this task really easy to accomplish. The sapling addon is built in Blender 2.63a and can manage to create trees with only a few mouse clicks and parameters adjustments.

Do you want to learn how to use this Addon? I found a great set of tutorials produced by an artist called David Ward that shows how to use sapling to model all kinds of vegetation. The objective of the tutorial is to create a pure computer generated landscape.

Here is the first video of the tutorial, which is composed by a total of seven videos:

And here is a link to the full youtube playlist. For those of you working with landscape architecture, this set of tutorials will be a great help!

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  • Reynante M. Martinez

    Thanks for sharing, Allan. Much appreciated. 🙂 -Reyn

  • Alain

    Does it instance the leafs ?
    This way you could to “light” tree which do not use so mutch VRAM in Cycles.

    Kind regards

  • Mats H

    Completely missed the Sapling addon — thanks a lot for this post.

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