Modeling and rendering trees with Arbaro and Blender

Another tutorial about how to create trees with Blender, but this time Blender is used only for the rendering part of the tutorial. In a really nice video an artist called Thomas Schlögl shows us how to use the free tool Arbaro to generate the 3d mesh for the tree. This 3d model can be saved on formats like DXF, OBJ and Povray. With the 3d model ready we can import the file to Blender and use Cycles to create e realistic render. And here is the tutorial:

Arbaro is a handy tool for anyone dealing with architectural visualization, because you never know when will come the time to create a scene with several different types of trees, and one addon or external tree generator might not be enough.

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  • UlfB.

    The Blender built in tree generator is based on Arbaro and will produce the same results.

  • yuigo

    hello guy!greatwork for everyone

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