Modeling for Architecture timelapse: Living room walls in Blender 3D

I'm working right now in the production of an online training about the integration between Blender 3D and Indigo Renderer, which will deal with the full modeling, texturing and rendering for a small but interesting scene in Blender. Just to illustrate a bit how part of the training will be handled, I've created a timelapse clip from one of the videos I recorded last week, showing the modeling of the walls. Even with the video played in high speeds I think the result was very interesting.

I thought it would be nice to see a timelapse video of a project related to architectural visualization, since most of those videos have a character or organic subject.

Here is the video:

The video full length is about 19 minutes with the audio narration, and for the timelapse I have replaced it with a remix song, created by a user from the and licensed under cc.

As you can see, in this example I'm working only with edge modeling for all the walls. I really like this type of modeling for interiors, since it will give you control over small details. At some points you will notice that I undo some of the actions, and reorganize the topology to create the faces again. It's because I'm explaining the modeling process and pointing the best way to solve the model. With the audio narration it does make sense, but looking at a standalone video like this it may seem weird.

One of the positive points of this training is that all the videos are being recorded in 720p, for the best experience in high definition displays. I will be using vimeo to deliver the videos, and so far I'm really satisfied with the result.

If the reception of the training is good, I'm planning on making a version in English to create a new section here at the site, devoted to teach some of the tools that work together with Blender like Indigo Renderer and YafaRay. I guess training in this type of subjects would be great for artists interested in Blender, and expand the use of Blender as a tool to model and create great visualizations, using external renders. That's exactly what I was trying to do with my book about architectural visualization with Blender, and this type of training would be a great complement to the book.

Well, so far I have only 60% of the training completed. I will be releasing it by mid March. And the final project of the training will be the image below:

Blender 3D and Indigo Renderer

Blender 3D Architect Pro


  • Alain

    Sounds interesting.
    Do you think Yaf(a)ray and Indigo are fast enough to use in a comercial environment ?
    I guess more interesting for comercial projects is the V-Ray Export Plugin of Andrey: His goal is to intergrate V-Ray into Blender.

    I love the quality of Indigo, but it’s to slow.
    V-Ray has a good mix between speed and quality and the price of the Renderer 😉

  • Carlos Rodriguez


    Can you post an article about “edge modelling”? or maybe some tutorial links about?

    I saw you video and I really want to make models using that technique. I searched on the web for “edge modelling” but not luck. I didn’t find any information.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Raven

    Greets! loving your work and wondering how this project is coming. I am rather interested in learning how to do some architectural models in Blender with LuxRender. Also, where can I get the wood floor texture you are using?

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