29 doors and windows for architecture

A basic 3d model from an architectural project is a sum of several different elements like walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, doors, windows and more. Two of those elements may consume a significant amount of time to create in 3d. I'm talking about doors and windows.

You will find several Add-ons in Blender that might help you to create such 3d objects quickly, but at some point, all doors and windows from your projects will look the same. Having some extra options might give you an advantage when you have to create a new kind of door or window.

Do you want to download 29 models of doors and windows for architecture? An artist called Paul Russam made a beautiful collection of those 3d objects, and you can download them from this link.

Before you rush there to download, let me just warn you that all models are in the SketchUp file format (SKP). But, how can we use those files with Blender? Just read this past article where I explain to you how to import SKP files to Blender.

To get the files, you will have to make a free account in the SketchUcation forums. No information about the license of the files is available.

If you want to learn how to create your doors and windows for architecture, take a look at our courses about architectural modeling:

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