12 free HDR maps for Blender Cycles

If you have ever used Blender Cycles to light up a scene for architectural visualization, you probably know that environment maps play a significant role in the setup. Having good HDR maps may help a lot spread light across the scene.

Do you have an extensive collection of HDR maps to use with Cycles? If you are short on HDR maps, take a look at this collection of free HDR maps from artist Philip Modin.

It is a set of 12 HDR maps that have a creative commons zero license, and are free to download. You will find the files on Gumroad. To make the download for free, just type zero on the amount you want to donate to the author. A donation is not mandatory but would be nice to support the artist.

All HDR files came from an industrial environment, and if you need that kind of context for lights, such collection will be extremely helpful.

The resolution of all files is quite good 5376 x 2688 pixels. That should provide a light source with a low level of noise for any interior visualization.

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