Free download of textures for architectural visualization

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I just came across to another source for free textures online called Texturepilot. The site has by now almost a hundred thousand textures available to download, and according to their terms of use we can take those textures and use in commercial projects. But, unfortunately we can`t download textures at will and to get that a membership is required. They offer a free account that can download 25MB by day on textures. If you don`t mind to register with them to get some free textures, I recommend a visit to their texture library. It is always good to have options related to textures for architectural visualization.


If you want to try other services or sites offering textures, I can also recommend this other free library of textures useful for architecture.

Architectural glass shader


  • Patrick Depoix

    Thanks Allan,

    I appreciate the Decall’s categorie….Bye

  • khafid

    i can’t download this content, please help me….

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