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A few weeks ago Autodesk announced that they will be releasing a version of AutoCAD for Mac Os X and iOS. This will enable users to view their projects on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. But, this is not the only option to work with mobile devices. If you own an Android phone or tablet, you might want to take a look on AndCAD. This is a dxf file viewer that runs on android devices.ImageI do not think that those types of tools might be useful for phones, but it becomes a lot interesting on tablet devices.

Unfortunately, AndCAD is not a freeware.


I already got an android tablet from dealextreme, and so far I'm showing projects by saving them as a PNG file. The tablet is not that good, but it will be useful until I get back to a quick visit to the US and buy an iPad.

And how about you? Would you use a dxf or dwg viewer on a phone or tablet?

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  • Heitor Moraes

    What versions does it run on? 2.2?

  • Andrés

    There is a software for Pocket PC called ShortCAD. It’s free

  • TalonDesigns LLP

    AndCAD is (and will continue to be) developed for Android 1.6 and above. The support for pinch zoom, is only supported on 2.0 and above.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at our website – There is also more information about our application there as well.

    FYI – there is also a demo version of AndCAD available on the market.

    There are new features and additions being worked on almost all the time. We are a small development team, so bare with us as our tool grows to be a more powerful CAD application.

  • Will Green

    Need android CAD

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