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One of the most critical technologies to get 3d content on the web is WebGL. It will give you all resources necessary to convert architectural visualization projects to modern browsers. It could be a simple 3d animation on the browser or a full virtual reality (VR) experience.

If you were always curious about the way such technologies works, you can now download a free ebook about WebGL from CRC Press. They made the book available for free! You just have to visit this website and get the PDF.

Let me just give you a heads up about the content, because it has a lot of technical information about the way WebGL works. You won’t find anything pointing specifically to architectural visualization there, but it can always work as a reference.

For instance, you will learn about how WebGL works and all kinds of implementations for the technology.

A good example of a direct application of WebGL for architectural visualization is WebVR. That is the base for web based virtual reality experiences. We even have an online course about WebVR for architecture in Blender 3D Architect.

The book has explanations about how WebGL works under the hood, and our online training has a more direct and practical approach.

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