How to model and render a carpet in Blender Cycles

As you may be aware by now Cycles does support hair rendering since the latest release of Blender (2.66). For architectural visualization artists this means that we can render grass, carpets and lots of other stuff with full support of Cycles. Did you already tried to model and render a carpet using Cycles? If you are still waiting for some directions on how to get started, I found a tutorial that might help you on the rendering of carpets with Cycles. The author of the tutorial is a youtube user called lol828282. I know, it is indeed a strange name, but the tutorial is good.

Here is the video with the tutorial, and besides the carpet itself the author of the tutorial will also setup the scene for rendering.


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  • Heupferd

    good tutorial regarding the carpet.
    Personally I think the whole part of setting up the scene and the lights should not be included. It makes it too long and is disturbing the attention to the basic argument of the tutorial. Also I think, most people looking for something very special like making a carpet already know how to set up their scene.

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