Model and texture a Tower in Blender

Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

A lot of tutorials created for artists that use Blender to create games and interactive animation can also be useful for architectural visualization artists. I just found a tutorial called “Tower Tutorial”, which shows the full process of model and texture a tower from scratch in Blender. This is a good tutorial because the author of the tutorial shows all the process, and specially the texturing stage, using UV Mapping. So, if you still find yourself in trouble every time you need to add textures to a project, this tutorial might be really useful! The videos are not mine, and were created by an artist called GameDesignGuru.

Here are the links to all parts of the tutorial:

And, this is the last part, were you can check out the complete tower.


Architectural glass shader


  • harry

    Will your model print using a 3d printer and show all the detail?
    Regards Harry

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