State of the architectural visualization industry

As an architect that works mostly with visualization of projects and who teaches, and started to get involved with computer graphics since the first year of college back on the mid 90’s, I must say that I have choose the right path. The architectural visualization industry is a big part of the cg field and demands lots of work, artistic qualities and knowledge on tools and technologies that might help to solve problems related to 3d modeling, rendering and animation.

But, it wasn’t always like that. I still remember my first experiences trying to convince other architects to use 3d visualization for their projects.

If you work with architectural visualization and want to know more about the history of the field, and get to know one of the biggest companies dedicated only to architectural visualization on the world, go check out this interview with the founders of Neoscape. They talk about how they began working with visualization, back in the 90’s and a bit of their work today.

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  • Reynante Martinez

    Thanks so much for sharing, Allan.

    I’ll let my colleagues, workmates, and company leaders know about this. Will be very beneficial for us since we’re also involved in Archviz.



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