How much do you charge for architectural visualization?

When we get to create our first paid project in architectural visualization you probably had a mixing of feelings, wondering if you get the pricing of the project right and when the next project will appear. How do you get your pricing for architectural visualization? Since most of the readers of the Blender 3D Architect works in a way or another with architecture, I thought it would be a good idea to run a poll asking how much do you charge for architecture?

I know that somehow it is a difficult question to answer due to the variety of countries and economies. Someone from Germany will charge a price that is in direct relation to the local market, which will be different from Canada or any other country. And I know that Blender 3D Architect has readers from all around the world.

Do you want to help other architectural artists using Blender? Just answer the poll with the average value you charge per image. It will be just an average.

After a week, I will close the poll and filter the results and share with everybody all results. By doing that, you will be contributing to the community of artists and most important, will give an overview of the market to new artists.

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