OpenCue goes open source

For animation projects, you will probably need a way to manage rendering hundreds or a few thousand frames. When you have multiple cameras for longer advertising project it may require a storyboard and other pre-production material to help you in the project.

If you often work with animation for architecture you will like to know that a powerful rendering management software from Sony Imageworks is now open source.

The OpeCue software is rendering management used as an in-house tool for the past couple of years in animation projects. They now released it as an open source project with an Apache 2 license.

To download the source code and start using OpenCue, you can visit this link. Unfortunately, there is not rich documentation available yet.

What can you do with OpenCue? The software can manage large render jobs with the distribution of process for multiple computers, assign priorities, and much more.

It is always exciting to see such projects going open source because a lot of them could eventually become part of Blender. In case you don’t remember, something we use daily was also part of a research project from a big company. The Principled BSDF came from a paper produced by Disney.

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