11 Free Wood floor textures for architecture (PBR)

To improve your work in architecture, you should always try to use PBR textures for all your renders, and they provide some of the best results in either Cycles or Eevee. A PBR texture is a particular resource type that usually has multiple maps to compose a surface.

How do you get those types of resources? Many places offer free downloads of PBR textures that you can use for architectural visualization, and we have ambientCG. You might know them as CC0Textures before the rebrand.

If you want to add some additional textures to your library, they recently included 11 new PBR textures for wood floors. This is the type of texture that every architectural visualization artist should have in their library.

You can download all the new textures from this link.

In Blender, you can easily add those textures to the Asset Browser and make your life easier when assigning those surfaces to any project. You can create a folder and save the Blender file with all those textures there.

Here is a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Create a Blender file and make new materials for each one of the textures
  2. Assign each set of surfaces to a unique material
  3. Right-click on the material name and pick “Mark as Asset.”
  4. Save the Blender file to a unique folder
  5. Point the Asset Browser to read from that folder

You can set the Asset Browser folder from the Edit ➞ Preferences menu. Go to File Paths and see the Asset Browser folders.

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