100 free PBR materials for architecture

Besides furniture models for your daily architectural visualization projects, you should also maintain a library dedicated to PBR materials. Those materials will help you to quickly prepare a model for rendering, with both Cycles and Eevee.

Do you want to add another nine high-quality PBR materials to your library? You can download a new pack (91-100) of free materials from digital artist Nikola Damjanov. He started a material marathon a few weeks ago and produced 100 free materials until today.

You can get all the materials as separate packs in his Gumroad account. Here are the links to each pack:

To get the materials, you will download a small text file from Gumroad, and inside the file, you will get URL for a shared folder from the artist Google Drive.

The materials have a creative commons attribution license. If you decide to use the materials, you must give credit to the artist.

Using PBR materials in Blender

To use those materials in either Cycles or Eevee, you will have to connect the texture maps to the Principled BSDF shader.

We have a complete guide on how to use those materials on our latest books about Blender 2.8:

You can get them in both digital and paperback formats. By ordering those books, you will not only improve your skills with Blender for architecture but also support Blender 3D Architect.

Blender 2.8 for architecture
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