Modeling a lamp with polygon modeling

The technique called polygon modeling is often used to create architectural visualization models, because we can have a lot of control over the topology of an object created with polygons. One of the highlights of polygon modeling, is that we can use almost any type of guide or tutorial, even from other 3d softwares, because the basic tools for polygon modeling works the same way on Blender, 3ds max and other 3d softwares. This is a good reason to watch some really nice and simple tutorials about polygon modeling, like the one showed below.

This video was created with 3ds max, and the main goal of the tutorial is to show how to create a lamp. All the basic steps of polygon modeling are there, from the use of a reference image to get a cylinder as base for start a more complex model.

The tutorial is really basic, but might give some people the directions to create something similar in Blender.

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